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A Gift from the Heart

Valentines, and having a heart, go hand in hand. Again this year, The Brace Space, Stuart Davidson Orthodontics, Citadel Oral Surgery and Bezanson Orthodontics teamed together to organize the Learn to Give Event, CE for Charity. Participants came from all over the Maritimes to take part in this event. This year marked the fourth year for Learn to Give, and to date, over an incredible $100,000 has been raised for children’s charities in the Halifax area! Together with very generous sponsors and with 100% of the proceeds going to charity, this year’s event raised $37,246 for Brigadoon Village, a charity that makes it possible for children with chronic illnesses to go to camp and to Phoenix House, a community based organization, dedicated to helping youth and their families in the Halifax area! The 2019 event brought an extraordinary group of speakers to the podium who inspired all those in attendance. They were all excellent presentations, all of them donating to the cause of learning and giving. A true gift from the heart. We are so grateful for everyone who helped make this day a tremendous success. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

Top Orthodontist Halifax area

Congratulations to Dr. Sarah Davidson and Dr. Dan Stuart and their teams, for being voted as the Consumer Choice Award winners for Top Orthodontist in Halifax for 2019. This marks the 7th year in a row that these orthodontists have been awarded this prestigious award. Our clinics would like to thank everyone who voted, and for the Consumer Choice Award organization for creating a platform of this type, where people can vote and where business leaders from many professions can come together and share ideas and plans for how best to serve our people and the communities that we live in. We are not complacent, and will continue to strive to live up to this honor bestowed upon our clinics. It has always been our mission to be strong supporters of our community and to that we are staying true. Another part of our mission is to bring the newest technology right here to your doorstep. We travel far and wide to get the latest information and the newest technology and make it accessible right here in our communities. It is quite powerful to be recognized for our work, but to add to that it, we love what we do. We help create functional, beautiful smiles, and every day we are reminded by our patients of how we helped change their lives. Thank you to our community and to our patients for their incredible support. Presenting the award is Karen Rostek from CCA. Also pictured are Dr. Davidson's husband Trevor, and Dr. Stuart's wife Lisa, all who share in this honour.

Birthday! Braces! Bedford!

We turned 5! What exactly does a birthday mean to us at The Brace Space? Autumn of 2013 saw us opening our doors for the very first time. Before The Brace Space was born, Dr. Dan Stuart, was practicing as an Orthodontist in Dartmouth. A few years later as his practice grew, he asked Dr. Sarah Davidson to join him to create the Stuart Davidson practice. It was not long before many people saw the capabilities of this team and urged them to create an orthodontic office in the Larry Uteck area. As a result, this dynamic duo, together with another colleague, Dr. Ric Bezanson, originally from New Brunswick and then from his Fall River Clinic put their heads together. They found the perfect location, paid attention to detail as they walked the local builders through their vision for their clinic, recruited the best group of professionals to become part of the orthodontic team, and with that foundation, a star was born: a centrally located Bedford Orthodontic office, where we transform lives one smile at a time. With all the phones, selfies and photos that people now take, it is more important than ever to feel free to smile. For our patients ages 5-85 not only does the smile change, but also their confidence, their self appreciation, the longevity of their teeth and their self image. Together with the tremendous support of our patient families, the highly trained dentists in our community also played a large part in the success of the Brace Space. Because our Orthodontists live and raise their children in our Bedford and Halifax communities we are at the grass roots level. Because the community is helping us, we are committed to supporting our community. Whenever we can, we support individuals, schools, teams and community events. We have also created an annual fundraiser, where we partner with other businesses to raise money for local charities. In this manner we have been able to donate to Phoenix House, Make a Wish and Kids Help Phone. It helps us satisfy our healthy body, healthy mind, healthy community mindset. You know the old adage, it takes a village to raise a child. Thank you to each and everyone of you for the support and trust you have put in us. You have come from far and wide to see us, from Toronto to Yarmouth to Mexico (yes, we have a patient coming from Mexico!), and all places in between. Many say to us that even though the time of being in braces or Invisalign seems long at the outset, when the treatment is over, our patients say that they will miss coming in to see us. You have become part of our ever growing family who we would love to share a visit with, any time you care to drop by. Until we see you, here’s to the next 5 years of beautiful smiles! In honor of our birthday and in the spirit of adding a little dazzle to November, from now until January 4, 2018, we are offering you a chance to win a Birthday gift, one for each of our years! Drum roll please! First Prize - Free treatment!! (valued up to $7200) Second Prize - $1000 off treatment!* Third Prize - $500 off treatment!* Fourth Prize - Free Teeth Whitening!* Fifth Prize - Free Custom Mouthguard!* All you have to do to enter a ballot: 1. Like us on Facebook 2. and follow us on Instagram 3. and share our contest on Facebook 3. or if you already like or follow us, give us a review on google or a recommendation on Facebook! Make sure you are still liking and following us at the time of the draw! * Must be a registered patient of The Brace Space to be eligible for prize.

Braces in Bedford!

Every day we are thankful for the beautiful smiles we help to create and our patient Sarah is no exception. Not only do we as orthodontists straighten teeth, but we are also highly trained in making the bite more functional. This is especially important for the longevity of your teeth. Beautiful smiles, and healthy bite's, year after year make for a healthier you. And because we are so proud of our patients we always feature them. The pictures we post are always of patients who live, work, got to school and wear their braces or Invisalign, right here in our communities of Bedford, or Sackville or surrounding areas. Give them a smile when you see them, and I guarantee they will smile back!

We Believe

Our Orthodontists Dr. Sarah Davidson and Dr. Dan Stuart are very involved in community support and in particular their support with various children's charities in the Halifax and surrounding areas. They see many youth on a daily basis and recognize the importance of all the hard work and dedication that goes into making sure their young patients have the help they need, when they need it. The Laing House is no exception and the Masquerade Ball gives supporters a chance to have some fun, mingle with friends and support a great cause. Just how did Laing House come to be? Rosemary and Keith Hamilton knew something was wrong with their son. His behaviour had changed, and he was isolating himself from his friends and family. While the Hamiltons were struggling to help their child, Rosemary’s mother, Norah Laing, passed away and left a generous bequest. They knew just what they should do. The Hamiltons started talking to the community about what was lacking in the system. Along with friends and colleagues, they also researched youth-based mental health services across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Through the bequest, the Hamiltons were able to purchase a Victorian House on Barrington Street. Laing House opened the doors in 2001 and became the first youth-based peer support organization in Canada. For the first two years the Hamiltons fully funded operations. The organization has grown since that time and funding sources now include the United Way, corporations, grants, individual donations and their signature special event - the Laing House Masquerade Ball. Without their vision and hard work, youth with mental illness would not have a place to find supportive peers. And they also would not be able to benefit from programs like education and employment, art, meals, camping and more. We are grateful to have this in our community.

Author Eric Walters in Bedford, NS

The Brace Space is pleased to announce that it will be sponsoring Eric Walters, Canada’s prominent author of books for children and young adults, to address grades 3-6 at Eaglewood Elementary School in Bedford on Friday, October 5th. Dr. Davidson learned that some of the teachers were studying the author’s books in her community school and because she knew Eric Walters personally, she had the golden opportunity to connect author and students! What an amazing experience these children will have! Eric Walters and Sarah Davidson from The Brace Space have been family friends since she was a young girl. For 2 weeks, every summer, ten years running, Eric Walters and his family drove to Nova Scotia with his wife Anita, their three children, Christina, Nicholas and Julia and made it their home. In fact ideas for some of his books were initiated and/or researched while in Nova Scotia! Eric Walters' first book was written for his very own grade 5 class in which he was the teacher. His vision was to engage the children to read and write on their own, and at the same time to develop an interest in literature. That was in 1993 and the rest is history. Now 100 published books later he has inspired a lot of young minds! Eric Walters is a very talented, highly accomplished, decorated author who travels all over the world to present to groups, but it’s never about him as much as it is about what he can do for others. Because of his education and life experience, he has a world of knowledge as a teacher, a crisis intervention officer, a writer, and co-founder of an orphanage in Kikima, Kenya, but he is also an amazing and supportive husband, dad and grandfather. He was recently recognized in receiving The Order of Canada for his contributions to literacy and social justice. He loves children of all ages, sports, literature, jazz music, TED Talks, (presenting one himself), his country of Canada, and the list goes on. He has a very informative website where you can learn many interesting things about his writing and himself. We are very excited that your local orthodontist could sponsor this event in our community of Bedford!

Something to Smile About

Another year and another very successful CE for Charity, Learn to Give Event! Our Orthodontists, Dr. Sarah Davidson, Dr. Dan Stuart and Dr. Ric Bezanson together with Citadel Oral Surgery and the support of a group of generous sponsors, arranged a series of lectures for Dentists and Dental Professionals from across Nova Scotia. The event was held at the Halifax Central Library and participants were able to listen to the lecturers, earn Continuing Education points and help the community at large. All proceeds were divided equally between Children’s Make a Wish and Phoenix Youth Programs, to help with their programs and make good things happen for children and adults in our area. This year we are so pleased to announce that an amazing $31,000.00 was realized for our 2 charities! We thank Ken Thompson from snap'd Dartmouth for his interest in and pictures of the event, and we applaud our Doctors' efforts to not only work in the Halifax/Dartmouth area, but also to put time, effort and support behind events such as these to make things a little easier for others. Congratulations to all!

Learn to Give - CE for Charity

For the third consecutive year, The Brace Space, Stuart Davidson Orthodontics and Citadel Oral surgery are teaming up to put on a CE for Charity event at the Halifax Central Library. CE stands for Continuing Education and it is great to see so many participants from across the province, coming to listen to the knowledgeable speakers who will be presenting tomorrow. In doing so they will not only gather new information to help in their practices, but also know that all proceeds will be going to Make A Wish and Phoenix House! We are so thankful to all the sponsors who have helped make this happen. Congratulations to all on this great success story.

The Brace Space Lends a Hand

We received this lovely message from Michelle Hardiman Comeau. It was sent following a most heartwarming event and we thought we would share the link with you. The message reads: Thank you Brace Space for your generous donation to the Halifax West Boys Hockey Team Fundraiser! Sponsors like you help in supporting young athletes play the game they love! On behalf of the players, coaches and parents, we graciously thank you for your support! Please see link to the recent ‘Pink in the Rink’ special Cancer Society fundraiser held last weekend!

Celebrating our 4 years in Bedford!!!

Certain sights and sounds make us go back in time and cause us to reflect. 4 years ago in October, Dr. Sarah Davidson, Dr. Dan Stuart and Dr. Ric Bezanson first opened the doors to The Brace Space in Bedford. Since then we have had so many successes and so much to celebrate. A celebration always involves the effort of so many people. Firstly we want to celebrate the incredible group of Dentists and their staff in your communities who recognize that their patients need to seek a specialist's opinion on their bite and alignment and refer them to us. It is a joint venture between your Dentist and your Orthodontic Specialist that ensures that we are providing patients with the best Orthodontic care possible. We also want to thank our patients and their families. Patients do not need referrals to come to our office, so many of our patients come from their friends and family who have spread the word on their wonderful experience getting their braces or Invisalign at our clinic. Our greatest compliment is when our patients recommend us to their loved ones! It’s also important to mention the amazing and talented team we work with in our clinic, our Orthodontic Assistants, Tiffany, Kayla, Kaleigh, Kara and Susan, our hygienists Lauren and Shelley, our Operations Manager Amanda, our Scheduling Coordinator Sara, our Treatment Coordinator Hilary, and our Business Manager and Treatment Coordinator, Shari. So many people comment on what a pleasure it is to come into our clinic and be surrounded by such knowledgeable and skilled team members. Finally we want to celebrate the work of our Orthodontists, Dr. Sarah Davidson and Dr. Dan Stuart. Even being specialists already, they still regularly attend Orthodontic conferences so that they are always at the cutting edge of Orthodontics and provide the newest technology right here in our communities. They also live in our communities and support many community and team endeavours. Together with Citadel Oral Surgery they coordinate a Continuing Education Day for Charity every year where they have raised over $50,000 for Kids Help Phone and Children’s Make a Wish. They have achieved the Invisalign Top 1% Provider in North America for 2 years now (first in Nova Scotia) and together with their team have been voted by the HRM and received the highly coveted Consumer Choice Award for Stuart Davidson and The Brace Space for 6 consecutive years now! To celebrate four amazing years we went apple picking, spending time together as a team and then we raised our homemade pumpkin cheesecakes (made for us by Hilary) and celebrated you all for 4 wonderful years!!

Local Orthodontists Support Bedford Soccer!

For the third year in a row Dr. Sarah Davidson and Dr. Dan Stuart from The Brace Space helped sponsor the West Bedford soccer league. It is an amazing opportunity for little children to get out and enjoy exercise, fresh air and learn new skills. It also helps give the area a sense of community. Along with the young student coaches and parent organizers, many parents can be seen out supporting, visiting with their neighbors and just being there for their children. Such a beautiful setting and one we love to support! Congratulations West Bedford on another successful season!!

Fall Family Fun

No matter if we like it or not, fall is coming and instead of yearning for summer past we decided that we were going to embrace fall future! Hence our upcoming Fall Family Fun Draw. What we want is for our patients and their families to Facebook, email or Instagram their favourite fall activity to us (maybe it’s getting braces!), and we will put your idea on a little leaf on a tree in our clinic. Or you can drop in with your idea and fill in your own leaf! It will be great for people to read the tree leaves and decorate our clinic at the same time! On October 18th when all the leaves have fallen we will rake them up and put them in a basket and draw a lucky winner for our Fall Family Fun basket! The basket includes a gift certificate for 4 to Hatfield Farms' ‘Family Round Up”, movie tickets for 4 to Cineplex, a football, frisbee, blanket for picnic or stadium, a pumpkin carving kit, and a few other things to make this basket complete! We would love to include candy apples but no Orthodontist should be passing those out! We don’t want you to damage your braces! Have a great jump into fall and send along your ideas to us!

Should Braces be in your Wedding Plans?

Tis the season for wedding bells! So it is a time for planning and reserving dates and times, venues, hair and makeup appointments; all the exciting things that are very important in making the wedding day perfect. One professional that has to be booked is a photographer to capture all of the beautiful smiles during the day. The pictures will serve as memories for many years to come. So what does Orthodontics have to do with this? Lauren and Tiffany from our staff know! They both planned ahead, opted for braces, completed their treatment and just had their braces removed. And just look at these beautiful smiles, all ready for their upcoming wedding days! Many people come to us with pictures of their wedding day, thanking us for helping them make it easy to smile! They say that coming for treatment was the best decision they ever made! Sadly others come to us, sometimes years afterwards, and tell us that they wish they had thought about it before. We hear it all the time. They didn’t know that we offer free consultations with no referral needed, so that patients can get the facts about a healthy and beautiful smile right from a specialist. They didn’t know about Invisalign or clear braces and why sometimes one is a better choice than the other. They didn’t know how far in advance one needs to plan, in order to have enough time for treatment to be completed before their big day or that for those with a tight timeline there are options to achieve the best smile possible before the wedding, with treatment continuing after. They didn’t know that we offer flexible payments and no interest financing, at a time when paying for a wedding is daunting. To help with planning, people have suggested that we at The Brace Space set up a savings fund. So we have implemented the SMILE fund where family, friends, secret admirers or fairy Godmothers can give someone a gift towards their new smile. It can even be put on a registry! The SMILE fund works for any occasion, be it a wedding, birthday, Christmas, or just to help someone who needs a little help. It can be anonymous or revealed, but it is a beautiful way to give a gift that keeps on giving. To start a SMILE fund, call our office and tell us who the gift is for, and we look after the rest. Or if it is easier, you can opt for a gift certificate instead! Imagine how you'll feel when you see that loved one sporting a healthy and beautiful smile that you helped gift. Take out your kleenex and wipe those tears of joy. Smiles are contagious and soon the whole world will be smiling.

Dr. Sarah Davidson & Dr Dan Stuart - TOP 1% INVISALIGN PROVIDER!

Last year our local business partners, Dr. Sarah Davidson and Dr. Dan Stuart, from The Brace Space and Stuart Davidson Orthodontics, were awarded the honors of Top 1% Invisalign Provider in North America, the first Orthodontists in Nova Scotia to receive this distinction. This year, they have achieved this impressive distinction once again. Only a very select number of orthodontists nationwide have achieved Top 1% Invisalign Provider, the highest level of distinction offered by Invisalign in North America. This is great news for all our patients as they can take comfort in knowing that they are getting the very best care and expertise in their treatment. Dr. Stuart and Dr. Davidson offer Invisalign for all ages, both adult and Invisalign Teen. Invisalign and Invisalign Teen use the most advanced orthodontic treatment using clear aligners. With Invisalign there are no wires, no brackets and few food restrictions. Because of the specialized treatment, patients can keep brushing and flossing as normal, while their smile is changing. Braces used to be a thing for teens, but now more and more adults are turning to Orthodontic Specialists for their treatment options. The results have been amazing! Whether it is with conventional braces or Invisalign, the end result is what matters most, and what we see in our patients, is more confidence, more smiles and more longevity in the health of their bite.

New Dental Assistant and Scheduling Coordinator at The Brace Space!

We are very excited to welcome two new smiles at The Brace Space and we know you will too! Joining us are Sara, our new Scheduling Coordinator (the one wearing the beautiful braces!!) and Susan Q, our newest Registered Dental Assistant. We will be updating the blog with their pictures and bio so you will see how fortunate we are to have them join The Brace Space team! Recently we bid Susan B and Nicole farewell from The Brace Space. Susan B is a librarian and found a position in her field, and Nicole is going on to further her studies. We will miss them and wish them well in their new endeavors.

Happy Canada 150

Happy 150 years to Canada! Who remembers the song, Bob Gimby's CA-NA-DA? For those of you who are the right age, I am sure you will remember where you were the year we sang that song! It was not on a phone or an iPod, but most likely when we were tuned into the radio. Click on the link and hear a ‘song’ from the 60’s or just listen to it for old times sake! Happy Canada Day as we celebrate 150 years for this amazing country we call home!

Learn to Give Event

The Kids Help Phone receives $21,162.35!! The Brace Space, Stuart Davidson Orthodontics and Citadel Oral and Facial Surgery, recently partnered to present the first annual 'Learn to Give' event in Halifax. They organized, and then presented lectures, at this Continuing Education event for Dental professionals from across the province. 100% of the proceeds were donated to charity and this year we were pleased to present Shelley Richardson, the Atlantic Director of Kids Help Phone, a cheque for $21,162.35. Our donation will hopefully help make it easier for children in our local communities get help when they need it most. Pictured (left to right) Dr. Dan Stuart, Shelly Richardson, Dr. Marco Chiarot, Dr. Sarah Davidson, Dr. Ric Bezanson, Dr. Joel Powell. Congratulations to all on this successful event.

Our Doctors go to School

This past week Dr Dan Stuart and Dr Sarah Davidson took to the skies for the 116th American Association of Orthodontic presentations in Florida. It is an annual meeting of approximately 15,000 Orthodontists and other related Orthodontic professionals, where our specialists get a chance to share their knowledge and learn about all the new innovations and techniques in the world of Orthodontics. They then get to take this information home to our Halifax and Dartmouth clinics! We caught a picture of Dr Davidson about to start her sessions and was given a send off by her little family!

Dental Assistant Week

We want to recognize and congratulate all Dental Assistants on this, the Dental Assistant recognition week. A special shout out to our very own Orthodontic Dental Assistants. They are three multi talented and knowledgeable health care professionals who are essential to the success of our team. We appreciate everything they do to make the patient and clinic experience the best there is! Thank you Nicole, Tiffany and Sara!

Face off!! Planning for Success!

Happy New Year from The Brace Space! It doesn’t matter what your New Year’s Resolutions are; learning something new, building confidence, completing a new project or finding the motivation to reach your goals. We wasted no time in 2016 to set goals we hope to achieve all year long. It starts with entertaining on the job training! We are always looking to better our patient experience, so we decided a competition to improve our timing with Invsalign scans would allow our patients to get back to their busy lives! No more messy and unpleasant traditional impressions. The Itero scanner is a compact, handheld wand that allows us to take a highly accurate, radiation-free laser impression that renders a digitally perfect 3D impression of your teeth. The scan is evaluated by your Orthodontist and together with Invisalgn, it immediately starts the process of creating your beautiful and happy smile!

Smiles from Canada to Kenya and Back Again

This season makes us think about giving. We wanted to share a beautiful story with our readers. Recently, Anita from our staff visited an orphanage in Kenya which was started by family friends, Eric Walters, a prominent Canadian author, and his wife, Anita. Dr Davidson packed as many toothbrushes and as much toothpaste as one suitcase could hold to be taken to the Hope Development Centre. All the children could be seen out in the morning at the water tap brushing away with their new toothbrushes. Smiles to melt the heart, from Canada to Kenya and back again.

Closed for CE

If you called our offices this week you would learn that they are closed. You would be told 'The Doctors are away for CE.' But what does that mean exactly? CE, or Continuing Education, is the learning that happens once your doctors leave school. Your doctors are dedicated to lifelong learning as it is their goal to offer the best treatments available in the best environment possible. For this reason they seek out and regularly attend and/or teach CE, on a wide variety of topics, world wide. CE can be on new techniques, new technologies or new ideas and concepts in things such as practice management or how to enhance a patient experience. This past week Drs. Stuart and Davidson attended The Pankey Institute in Biscayne Key, Florida. It was a busy week with lots of hard work and study but you'll be happy to know our newly-certified Pankey Doctors passed with flying colors!


So you might ask, why do we write about wedding shows on an Orthodontic blog? Wedding preparations are endless. You will find yourself choosing dresses, tuxes, rings, a photographer and makeup style. But what about your most important part of the day... your smile? Pictures of your smile will last a lifetime and will guide you through all those 'for better, for worse' days. Under the care of an Orthodontist, you can have comfort in knowing that you are followed by a teeth aligning specialist. Current advances in orthodontics mean you may be able to align your teeth with clear aligners, such as Invisalign, or clear brackets. Our patients often tell us that they wish they had heard about what we can do, before their wedding. So call us today - no referral is needed and we offer free consultations. Even with just a few months, we can make you #smiledowntheaisle, and all the days after. Our patient, Jennifer did, and just look at her smile! Thank you for letting us share the photos of your beautiful day, Jennifer and Justin!

More Talent at The Brace Space

Need any artwork done? Look at the talent that Lauren, a patient of ours, has in her mind and at her fingertips. She loves to create images like this, and she is so very good at it. Just like our Orthodontists at The Brace Space, she pays a great deal of attention to detail. We wish her continued inspiration in her work, and we know that Disney will find her some day for an animation!

Treat You Like Family

We say we treat you like family and we mean it!!! Dr Davidson's 'little' brother Sean was in to get his braces on recently at The Brace Space. Sean is entering his last year at Dalhousie Dental School and is excited about his big sister's plans for his new smile!

Smile with Confidence

One of the best parts of our job is to hear about what our patients are up to. Bailie recently won National Canadian Tween Miss Nova Scotia, smiling all the way, with braces on!!!! She is a multi talented and philanthropic young lady who we know will succeed in anything she puts her mind and smile to.

High 5 to Volunteer Coaches and Organizers

Many summer sports programs would not be possible without the time and dedication of people in our community who help organize and coach programs for our little ones. It takes time and dedication to organize teams and field times, and then capture the attention of the children and at the same time teach them new skills. This coach was asking these children, why are we here? To which they gave a resounding, TO HAVE FUN!!!

Go Teams Bracespace!

This summer we supported our local soccer teams to help give children the opportunity to get out and have fun, while learning new skills and working together as a team. Because we live right here in this community we enjoy going and seeing so many children, their parents and coaches out spending time together in a healthy and meaningful way.

Farewell to Liana

Most of you know Liana, as she has been at The Brace Space since our doors first opened. She came to our sister clinic, Stuart Davidson Orthodontics, as a transfer patient, and was immediately hired as a staff member. It was love at first sight. Her knowledge, her attention to detail, her gentleness with patients and her team player attitude, made working with her a pleasure. She will be missed by staff and patients alike, but we know that this career move for her family, puts her closer to her extended family in Ontario. We wish her all the best.

Nova Scotia has Talent

Last night marked the end of a very successful run of The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, held in Halifax every year since 1979. We were able to attend, and what we witnessed was a truly magnificent show of music, song, verse, acrobatics and dance, to mention a few. Our very own patient, Coleen, was one of the talented choristers who added her beautiful voice to this spectacular event. Congratulations to all, on an amazing performance.

Happy Canada Day

Get out there and enjoy all the festivities, as we celebrate another birthday of this amazing country we call our home.

Happy Father's Day

Father's have big shoes for us to fill, but they help our tiny feet get there. Happy Father's Day from everyone at The Brace Space.

Born to Shine!

The T-shirt says it all for this sweet patient of ours! She is rocking her braces, and is born to shine! With regular orthodontic appointments and great dental hygiene, she'll be smiling wide in no time at all!

Happy Birthday Shari!!

Our Business Manager/Treatment Coordinator is having a birthday! Best wishes from all of us here at The Brace Space! Let's eat cake and celebrate!


WOW!! Everyone knows Susan, our Office Administrator/Receptionist. Last week Susan attended her son's graduation at St FX and what a special day it was! Her son, Michael, was awarded the highly prestigious Governor General's medal, as well as the Faculty of Science medal! Congratulations from all of us here at The Brace Space! We are so proud of mother and child!

Bring your Baby to Work

It was bring your baby to work day this past Wednesday! Four weeks have flown by, and Dr Davidson is transitioning back to work at The Brace Space. The patient family and staff welcomed the little bundle and her mother back with open arms and happy smiles.

We Value Your time

When a patient asks us as to when they will be finished with their appointment, we like to be able to tell them exactly, so that they can plan their day and not waste it by sitting in an office. To do this we have started a little contest, our 'Arrive on Time' Contest, with great prizes! So easy to enter, just arrive on time! And if you have only seconds to spare, take the stairs! Sometimes the elevator can be a bit slow!!

How Much?

How much do braces/Invisalign cost? We have been asked on Facebook as to how much our treatment costs. That question can't be answered with certainty as every treatment, just as every person, is different. What we can say with certainty is that our consultations are free. And at the consultation you will have the opportunity to speak with one of our three Orthodontic Specialists. They will evaluate your records, perform a clinical examination and present you with your treatment options, if treatment is indicated. If treatment is not necessary, our Orthodontists will tell you. It's that simple. Our goal is to educate you about your teeth and smile and let you make the right choice for you. And yes, we will let you know what your treatment would cost. Our treatment coordinators are happy to discuss our flexible payment plans with you. Then the choice is yours. For your free consultation call 902 455 7222 or request an appointment online and like our patients below, you will be happy you did!

Pink or Blue?

Was your guess pink or blue? The answer is PINK!! Three days ago, Dr D and her family welcomed their little girl, Ava, into this world!

Happy Easter Everyone!

To embrace our snowy spring, we thought we would send out a 'white on white' Easter greeting! Happy Easter to all our patients, families and friends!

Happy Birthday to our very own Dr Stuart!

When you see balloons you know it is a celebration! Today the Brace Space team want to send out a Happy Birthday to Dr Stuart on his very special day!!!

Drama at The Brace Space

We had fun doing a quick photo shoot of our talented patient in the office the other day! Gavin just recently starred in the Young Actors Company production of Jane Eyre. In December he was in Neptune's Young Performers Company production of Avenue Q. In May he is heading to New York to make connections with the Broadway scene. Check out this dramatic shot!

How Many Hearts in a Jar of Hearts?

And the winner is..... Will!!! We had a 'Guess how many hearts in the jar' contest for Valentine's Day and Will came within 27 hearts! He guessed 5601 and the actual number was 5628. WOW! Congratulations from our team for winning our prize of, 2 movie passes and a gift certificate to Morris East!

What we looked like 1 year ago!

The first picture was one year ago today! The second picture is what it looks like now!

Let's Hear it for the Cast and Crew of Footloose!

We were happy to support the cast and crew of CP Allen’s production of Footloose! We especially enjoyed seeing our patient Gavin take to the stage! Here are some photos from the wrap party at Gojis!

Northeastern Society of Orthodontists Annual Meeting - Puerto Rico

The Northeastern Society of Orthodontists Annual General Meeting was a destination meeting this year on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico! Although the sun was shining in the balmy outside, the air-conditioned meeting room inside looked and felt a lot like home (cold and dark!) It was a great conference though with Orthodontists from all over the Eastern Seaboard of the US and Canada gathering for some continuing education.

I saw the Sign!!

We were super excited to see our big sign go up today! Eye Candy Signs has created a unique wraparound sign for us that sparkles during the day and glows at night! If you are in the Larry Uteck area - be sure to look up as you drive by!

The Difference Two Weeks Makes

Our Entrance is shaping up! The first picture was just two weeks ago and the second picture is today!

Canadian Association of Orthodontists Annual Meeting in Banff

It was back to the West for the Canadian Association of Orthodontics (CAO) meeting that was hosted this year in Banff! It was the first time Dr. D has been back to Alberta since her time spent there in grad school. It was an excellent meeting with lots of great information and speakers. Here are a few photos of the conference and some of the fun that was had too! After the conference - Dr. D met up with two of her classmates from Orthodontic school and the three, together with their six children, spent an afternoon in Lake Louise!

We have a sign!

We are so excited to see our first exterior signs going up! We love this beautiful piece of art that Eye Candy Signs have created for us! Just wait until you see the one for the other side of the building!

We love our Floors and Doors!

Another big step - floors are in and glass doors are hung!

And the First Wall is Up!

After much planning the first wall went up today! It is an exciting step for us!

We've Found It!

This is the future home of Nine Mile Circle - a group of local businesses on Larry Uteck and the perfect home for our new practice – opening later this year! We look forward to serving patients from Bedford, Sackville and Halifax!

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