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How much do braces/Invisalign cost? We have been asked on Facebook as to how much our treatment costs. That question can't be answered with certainty as every treatment, just as every person, is different. What we can say with certainty is that our consultations are free. And at the consultation you will have the opportunity to speak with one of our three Orthodontic Specialists. They will evaluate your records, perform a clinical examination and present you with your treatment options, if treatment is indicated. If treatment is not necessary, our Orthodontists will tell you. It's that simple. Our goal is to educate you about your teeth and smile and let you make the right choice for you. And yes, we will let you know what your treatment would cost. Our treatment coordinators are happy to discuss our flexible payment plans with you. Then the choice is yours. For your free consultation call 902 455 7222 or request an appointment online and like our patients below, you will be happy you did!

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