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So you might ask, why do we write about wedding shows on an Orthodontic blog? Wedding preparations are endless. You will find yourself choosing dresses, tuxes, rings, a photographer and makeup style. But what about your most important part of the day... your smile? Pictures of your smile will last a lifetime and will guide you through all those 'for better, for worse' days. Under the care of an Orthodontist, you can have comfort in knowing that you are followed by a teeth aligning specialist. Current advances in orthodontics mean you may be able to align your teeth with clear aligners, such as Invisalign, or clear brackets. Our patients often tell us that they wish they had heard about what we can do, before their wedding. So call us today - no referral is needed and we offer free consultations. Even with just a few months, we can make you #smiledowntheaisle, and all the days after. Our patient, Jennifer did, and just look at her smile! Thank you for letting us share the photos of your beautiful day, Jennifer and Justin!

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