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Face off!! Planning for Success!

Happy New Year from The Brace Space! It doesn’t matter what your New Year’s Resolutions are; learning something new, building confidence, completing a new project or finding the motivation to reach your goals. We wasted no time in 2016 to set goals we hope to achieve all year long. It starts with entertaining on the job training! We are always looking to better our patient experience, so we decided a competition to improve our timing with Invsalign scans would allow our patients to get back to their busy lives! No more messy and unpleasant traditional impressions. The Itero scanner is a compact, handheld wand that allows us to take a highly accurate, radiation-free laser impression that renders a digitally perfect 3D impression of your teeth. The scan is evaluated by your Orthodontist and together with Invisalgn, it immediately starts the process of creating your beautiful and happy smile!

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