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Should Braces be in your Wedding Plans?

Tis the season for wedding bells! So it is a time for planning and reserving dates and times, venues, hair and makeup appointments; all the exciting things that are very important in making the wedding day perfect. One professional that has to be booked is a photographer to capture all of the beautiful smiles during the day. The pictures will serve as memories for many years to come. So what does Orthodontics have to do with this? Lauren and Tiffany from our staff know! They both planned ahead, opted for braces, completed their treatment and just had their braces removed. And just look at these beautiful smiles, all ready for their upcoming wedding days! Many people come to us with pictures of their wedding day, thanking us for helping them make it easy to smile! They say that coming for treatment was the best decision they ever made! Sadly others come to us, sometimes years afterwards, and tell us that they wish they had thought about it before. We hear it all the time. They didn’t know that we offer free consultations with no referral needed, so that patients can get the facts about a healthy and beautiful smile right from a specialist. They didn’t know about Invisalign or clear braces and why sometimes one is a better choice than the other. They didn’t know how far in advance one needs to plan, in order to have enough time for treatment to be completed before their big day or that for those with a tight timeline there are options to achieve the best smile possible before the wedding, with treatment continuing after. They didn’t know that we offer flexible payments and no interest financing, at a time when paying for a wedding is daunting. To help with planning, people have suggested that we at The Brace Space set up a savings fund. So we have implemented the SMILE fund where family, friends, secret admirers or fairy Godmothers can give someone a gift towards their new smile. It can even be put on a registry! The SMILE fund works for any occasion, be it a wedding, birthday, Christmas, or just to help someone who needs a little help. It can be anonymous or revealed, but it is a beautiful way to give a gift that keeps on giving. To start a SMILE fund, call our office and tell us who the gift is for, and we look after the rest. Or if it is easier, you can opt for a gift certificate instead! Imagine how you'll feel when you see that loved one sporting a healthy and beautiful smile that you helped gift. Take out your kleenex and wipe those tears of joy. Smiles are contagious and soon the whole world will be smiling.

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