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We have been waiting for this for years! Yes, we can scan your teeth with a visible light laser (red light, no radiation, not harmful to your eyes) instead of taking an impression. Totally safe. Totally awesome. Live At 5 came to see us about this – watch our video clip. Our patients love it!! From this scan we can show you how your teeth can look when aligned. We also use this scan to make Invisalign as well as Vivera retainers. We have patients that finish their treatment, get 4 sets of retainers and they never have to return to us – how about all those saved trips for retainers. Not needed. How is that for making your life easier? Oh, and you lost all 4 retainers? We will print you off some more. The world is getting to be a better place in orthodontics. Better treatment. Better service. More time for you to enjoy your day.

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