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What is the Halifax Orthodontic Specialist Group?

Halifax Orthodontic Specialist Group - Meet Our Doctors

Our goal was to create a group of orthodontists who treat to the highest standard, recognize the needs of the dentists in guiding the patient to the best clinical outcome and offer a patient experience tailored to each individual person. Each one of us lives in the community we serve, we each have children; and we are all dedicated to excellence in patient care. We don’t believe in you being our client. We believe that you are the patient and that you deserve to have the opportunity to explore all treatment options while we help you choose the one that is best for you. To say it simply, we treat you like family.

Who makes up the Orthodontic Specialist Group?

Halifax Orthodontic Specialist Group - Meet Our Doctors

Each doctor brings a unique set of strengths to the office. Dr Ric Bezanson has over 30 years of clinical experience as an orthodontist. A highly respected and outstanding clinician, he set a very high standard for excellence in the profession. Dr Bezanson practiced in Moncton for many years before moving to Nova Scotia in 2007 and starting another practice in Fall River. Dr Dan Stuart has brought the latest technologies to the region for the past 9 years and strives to push the limits of clinical excellence. Dr Sarah Davidson has built on this foundation bringing new systems that serve the patients better, creating an outstanding environment and blending the best of technology and systems to make the patient experience second to none in our region. Dr. Stuart's and Dr. Davidson's systems and dedication to an outstanding patient experience have earned them the Consumer Choice Award for greater Halifax at their Dartmouth office and The Brace Space from 2012 to 2018, 6 consecutive years! Then drop the line (You can request to see any one of the three doctors, but know that they all work together to offer you more flexible times to be seen and you get the benefit of knowing the standard of care will be of the highest importance).

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