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The Brace Space Playspace

What exactly is The Brace Space? Well, we discovered that not many people knew what an orthodontist was when we did a survey. However, most folks knew what braces were. We also wanted to create an awesome hangout for everyone that came to visit us - and so The Brace Space was born. The actual “Brace Space Playspace” is a room dedicated to having fun and relaxing. We have iPads, Sony Playstations, Xbox 360s and Xbox 1s(coming soon), magazines, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and a huge digital screen to play on – inspired by the Edge play area about the cruise ship the Disney Fantasy. And, you will feel like you are in Times Square, New York. Stop in and see it!

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The Brace Space
620 Nine Mile Drive, Suite 201
Bedford, NS B4A 0H4

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