My Orthodontist

Please follow the steps below to access your personal treatment information:

  1. Update your email address with our front desk staff and request a “My Orthodontist” account.
  2. Reception will email you a My Ortho invitation.
  3. Download the My Orthodontist app from the App Store or Google Play from your mobile device (iOS or Android)
  4. Open the app and touch the “Create Account” button the login screen.
  5. Once the create an account screen opens complete all of the fields.
  6. Click the submit button and the My Orthodontist app will verify your information. If the information is correct you will receive a verification prompt to check your email for a verification code.
  7. Click ok.
  8. Once you receive the verification code enter the code on the app validation code page. You will then be prompted to create an optional pass code.
  9. You can now begin using My Orthodontist on your mobile device.
  10. If you have any problems with the app please contact our clinic.