First Visit to Orthodontist, Dr. Sarah Davidson

What to Expect

Children are excited to meet Dr. Sarah Davidson one of our Brace Space Orthodontists, but it is normal for them to have a questions regarding their first visit. We decided to make a video at our clinic using our own team, that’s designed for children coming to see us, so they can see exactly what to expect when they first arrive at our Orthodontic clinic in Bedford. Children often ask if there will be needles, if we extract teeth, and if there is anything that is scary at our clinic. The answer is a resounding NO. Our team understands that this is a new experience for your children. We treat you like family. Our consultations are free, because we feel that an early visit (by the age of 8) to an orthodontist gives a baseline for growth and can prevent surgery later. It’s a journey every parent or guardian should take their child on. In this way they get the information they need to make the decision that best suits their child’s orthodontic needs. A beautiful functional smile will help them feel better about themselves, make them more confident and give them the best chance in having a bite that lasts a lifetime. Click on the video below to see what to expect!